General Fee Schedule

Subject to Change*

Pasture Board with run-in shed                                                                                    $225/mo.

(to include quality hay, clean water and monitoring)

Supplemental Feedings:  once a day                                                                            $25/mo.

                                            twice a day                                                                           $50/mo.

Lesson for rider/horse                                                                                                    $40/half hr.,  $50/full hr.

Group Lesson (2+)                                                                                                         $35/ea.

Trail Rides (per person)                                                                                                  $40/half hr., $50/ full hr.

Groundwork Lessons                                                                                                     $40/half hr., $50/full hr.

Cash, Check, or PayPal* accepted (additional service fee for PayPal payments). Additional costs will be listed specifically in the client contract.

*as options are offered, prices will be posted here and will be supplemented in the client contract.